Sunday, April 8, 2012

Scarlett Johansson's Tattoos Style

Scarlett Johansson's plan was good, he has created an attractive and horny tattoos. Please get pleasure from the photos Scarlett Johansson tattoo taken from someof these positions. Scarlett Johansson currently has only 1 tattoo, that is found on her left forearm. Its a tattoo of a beautiful sunrise, over trying the ocean with clouds. Scarlett Johansson is talking concerning her tattoo. initial noticed when she wore a sleeveless robe to the premiere of "The different Boleyn woman," the tattoo is explained thoroughly within the new issue of "Allure" magazine. trying sort of a crayon drawing, the tattoo depicts a sun rising over the ocean with a background of clouds and a shining star.

Asked concerning the which means, Scarlett Johansson replied, "It's reasonably personal. it is a sunrise, and it makes me happy after I verify it." though she does not elaborate, the tattoo appearance suspiciously the same as Barack Obama's "O" emblem, that options a sun rising over a striped red-and-white land. throughout the campaign, the "Lost in Translation" star had claimed to possess Obama's personal email address, however this was denied by his campaign.

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