Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Scorpio Tattoos

If you were born between October 24 to November 22 Scorpio and you can consider a tattoo Scorpio. This tattoo is representative of a strong personality characteristics associated with this character. Scorpios are the most intense, profound, powerful characters Zodiac. Although they are self-control and peace is the intensity of emotional energy Seething Placid exterior. In everyday behavior, it gives the impression of the activity is removed, but those who know them on the alert, which is part of nature to identify. They need great self-discipline, because they are able to identify the characteristics themselves that they differ from those of other people, and are fully aware of the traditional character may very well or very poorly utilized. Their tenacity and willpower are immense, the depth of character and passionate conviction overwhelming, but they are very sensitive and easily moved by emotion. Sensitivity, and a tendency to extreme likes and dislikes are easily hurt, quick to insult or injury to themselves and are easily aroused intense anger to detect. These personality traits Scorpios are very stubborn and powerful creatures. If you are not the effect of the mark, after the show to celebrate the Scorpio tattoo inked into the skin.

Scorpion tattoo represents the eighth sign of the zodiac, which dominates the entire calendar, October 23 to November 21, mid-autumn and winter approaches. In fact, the approach of death, and the next cycle of birth and renewal are the key to this often maligned, but often the astrological symbol tattooed. Like many of the astrological signs Scorpio tattoo refers to nature. As the real Scorpions, constellation refers to the possibility of death, but it is not a foregone conclusion. Instead, Scorpio tattoos come to represent the struggle and the resistance, the dynamic changes, and sometimes the power and the triumph of life. The brightest star in the constellation Scorpio is Antares, a binary star system whose main component is a red super giant. If it is, the Antares is from the Greek meaning "to simulate red color of Mars. Even today, when the constellation Orion is moving heaven, Scorpio behind him. As the Scorpio rises in the east, Orion, and dutifully returns back to the west. Hazard and also a symbol of strength, the Scorpion is actually a sign of change, that change of seasons, the struggle of life and death, and planets.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

David Beckham Tattoo Styles

(Born May 2, 1975) is an English footballer who currently U.S. Major League Soccer club Los Angeles galaxy midfield and the England national team is playing. 2004 FIFA World player of the year twice in the space and the world's highest income footballer, Beckham for the first British footballer to play 100 Champions League match. 2003 and 2004 our most subjects had all game. Such global recognition that a specific brand and advertising has become a top fashion icon. Beckham was England captain after the 2006 FIFA World Cup 15, during which he played 58 times until November 2000. Since then he has continued to represent his country and became very public in his cap against France 26 hundredth England in March 2008. She is currently appearing England outfield player hat 112.

"I think Brooklyn was born shortly after the tattoo. Was I and B match, her husband Jimmy Gulzar, and was talking about came from a tattoo. I ended Dutch man, 'that being Jimmy S all. Finally I understood what I wanted to represent the tattoo. me all my life, my wife and kids, which I always want people with me. If you see me, you see the tattoo. You see the expression of I How about Victoria and the boys will feel. They are part of me. "

Beckham is Jesus who is your body's latest tattoo, a man suffering Matthew R. Brooks, who is Jesus painting is to cross the road.
Becks a "fourth tattoo", who is Christian science.

She is already behind my neck between his shoulder blades, crucifix, Christ and the angel of his right shoulder.

Guardian Angel is there that their three children, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz forget the name.

Victoria Caroline Beckham Tattoo Styles

During its growing fame in 1990 with the pop group Spice Girls, she was dubbed Posh Spice, a nickname first coined by the British pop music magazine. Since the Spice Girls followed separate careers, Beckham has dabbled as pop music, resulting in four UK Top 10 singles, such as the artist's solo. His first single to be released, "Out of Your Mind", reached the two UK Singles Chart, the highest entry in its table so far. His career as a solo music he wrote to Virgin Records and Telstar Records.

Victoria has six or seven, such as tattoos and live up to his nickname now Posh is stylish as it kept the idea. His first tattoo is of his lower back, and this is five stars. Five stars represent him, David and their three sons, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

His second tattoo is falling back to its neck. Victoria and David received the tattoos match of 6 wedding anniversary. Victoria's quote on the back of the Hebrew Song of Solomon 6:3. Here is a translation (language of a girl): "I have my love and my love is me, who browse among the Lilies. (Song of Solomon 6:3 - my translation) What does this mean? It is evident, except the last sentence. Ancient Hebrew can be very bold in terms of erotic. Lover that grazes or browse among the Lilies are described elsewhere in these circumstances (again, a young girl's languages): Murder is My love for the bag to me, between my breasts, which he produces. (Song of Solomon 1:13 - I translation).

Tattoo thirdly, that Victoria is 08 MAY 1997 Roman numerals tattooed her wrist. Strangely enough, this is the first time the two had sex and Victoria thought it was a big event in their lives to remember.

Tattoo is growing, it is very obvious to him by the EP, which refers to her husband David Beckham. Another Victoria's tattoos have been placed in his hand under the roman numerals. But nobody is quite sure what the letter. Some have speculated that read "Integra De De De Enegra or Intopa. This page was last, and most young people (that) is still in Hebrew script, which means that the words "together forever, forever" and the EP is just a tattoo of his left hand.

Maori Tattoos

There was a revival of traditional Maori tattoos, TA Maori proverb and other cultural traditions. Since the cultural revival TA saying tattoo designs are becoming more and more that can be considered mainstream. There are not many people are saying Maori tattooing their faces, design, and in other parts of the body, very wrong meaning. Robbie Williams and Mike Tyson has received many Maori tattoos with nuisance for many Maori.

Maori tattoos have been practiced for more than a thousand years and not only withstand time, but also colonization by Europeans. Maoris are the original inhabitants of New Zealand, some of them as Aotearoa, or land of the long white cloud. Ta byword (literally meaning to strike or tap) is a form of identity, status, genealogy, tribal history, to marry eligibility to be used and the marks of beauty and cruelty.

Ta byword not only a tattoo of their vehicles and they are finely carved into the skin. The prior art carving, so that the first of these threads saying copied designs. Ta byword has done the most recognizable face, all other parts of the body is tattooed.

Women are traditionally only be tattooed on his lips around her chin and sometimes the nostrils. A woman with full blue lips as the embodiment of Maori female beauty ever seen. " Men, on the other hand, is allowed to become a full face saying. These higher-ranking leaders and fighters, it is usually the only one who can not afford, but at the same time was the only one who held a position that they are worthy of one saying in the first place.

The choice of design is not an easy process. In contrast, another tattoo is now a secular Maori tattoos months of planning and approval by the elders and other relatives. One of the elders to decide whether one is worthy to receive saying. One of the questions they need to respond with the utmost was: "they are committed to wearing their tribal identity on their body for the rest of your life?" Then the design process will begin with an examination of the strain history, a major component of the proverb.

Yet the majority of people with Moko-inspired design does not take the time to do something about its origin or meaning anymore. It is understandable why some Maori have been affected by the use of parts of their culture. If it does not interfere, even if they add something unique to your copy without your permission, did nothing about its origin unknown, but it is not in the proper manner?

We hope that the Maori people's efforts in this beautiful and interesting cultural art alive, the rest of the world continues to be on this sacred ritual, culturally, and both can reach agreement on its use in modern society.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Haida Tattoos

The name "Haida" is derived from the word "Hidery" means "people." The Haida tribe is considered one of the oldest traceable number of residents in the New World. The Haida people are native to western North America. Politics Haida people of Canada and a First Nation person. Ancestral language Haida language, which is now in danger. Haidas is often referred to as frightening warriors.

Most Haida items are decorated with crests - the number of animals, birds, sea creature, and mythic beings - they soon find moiety (raven or Eagle), and often all children of the owner. Haida almost seventy number Crest, all points are in general use. The Haida culture believes that a great spirit, "Ne-kilst spurge" created world. This spirit takes the form of crows. The crow was responsible for creating the world. Even the most impressively expressed in large great totem Poles, it is a very disciplined design applied to different types of topics, including the human body by tattooing.

Haida society is divided into two groups, one called Raven and other Eagle. There are various subcategories that fall into either the 'moieties. Moieties and the subcategory of Clans, or tribal lines Matran age, their combination crests and other intellectual property such as songs and names often described haidan tattoo. Tattoos are placed in the thigh, chest, shoulders, forearms, backs of hands and even all the fingers.