Saturday, April 24, 2010

Britney Jean Spears Tattoo Style

Is (born December 2, 1981) American singer and entertainer. Raised in Kentwood, Louisiana, where Spears was released in 1992 on national television contestant on the Star Search program, and time went on the Disney Channel television series The New Mickey Mouse Club from 1993 to 1994. In 1997, Spears signed a recording contract Jive, released his first album 1999 Baby One More Time album Based on his pop icon and "bona fide pop phenomenon", credited for influencing the revival of teen pop in the late 1990s. Britney gave her sixth studio album, "Circus its 27 birthday in December 2008.

Britney Spears Kabbalah some of the symbols on the back of neck. It is hoped that the translation of "medicine". But there are many reports claiming that three of his tattoos as symbols of failed anything, it does not really. It is a fairy lower back, small daisy toe around the second circle on foot, a butterfly leaving grapes on the left foot, and the flower symbol of the mystery of the Chinese hold the middle-lower. Britney has three Hebrew letters on the back of the neck - a Kabala connection - and a pair of pink dice inside left, a small addition on the importance of hand. During a recent crisis, he added two more tattoos, red lips and a thin pink and black hands, white and pink cross below the hips. Other physical changes include the right nipple and belly button pierced.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Christina Aguilera Tattoo Style

(Born December 18, 1980). Singer, songwriter, host, producer, perfumer there anything Christina Aguilera has done, and done well? One of the players made more than the past decade, it more than 25 million albums worldwide, achieved four # 1 singles on Billboard Hot 100 chart sold, and won four Grammy Awards and Latin Grammy Award, and Two of five albums in the United States. She cooperated with other great artists including Herbie Hancock, Bocelli Andrea, Sean "Diddy" shoulder, and finally, legendary Tony Bennett.
Pop star has "Xtina" on back of neck, small flower on the left hand, "bottom Amo Siempre" in the left forearm with the Hebrew letters Yud and the condition that the first letter from her husband in the Hebrew language, Hebrew words back ("I love my dear "), Mickey Mouse tattoo just under bikini line (in honor of his day Mouseketeer). As your fashion style known as unorthodox in her four octave range vocal, Christina also stars in what many with his body, including his left nostril, labret, right nipple He, and reputedly several genital hole.

tribal tattoo with temporary tiger black designs

tribal tattoo with temporary tiger black designs

lion tribal tattoo designs free picture

lion tribal tattoo designs free picturelion tribal tattoo designs free picture

Monday, April 12, 2010

Jessica Alba Tattoo Style

(Born April 28, 1981) and is especially known for her roles in Dark Angel, "Sin City, Fantastic Four, blue and luck, Chuck.
His wrist tattoo, which in Sanskrit "phishing", which means lotus flower. In Hinduism is a symbol of spiritual development. It is a symbol of beauty and the manifestations of spiritual purity (the ability to rise above) - because, although it had its roots in the mud of ponds and lakes, flower its perfect beauty increase in the water.
She opened one of his latest tattoo is a daisy and ladybug door. She said her mother, grandmother, and all went out and tattoos a day, "communications experience." All three of them have different ladybug tattoo. Furthermore, the lower back bending.

Suicide Girls Tattoo Styles

Suicide Girls who really kick start it all with. They boast the army in 1257 unconventionally beautiful fairy girl on the idea of change, what makes women beautiful. They are girls that you'd like to meet all your life. What I really like the fact that the suicide girls are not just for myself and actually reply to comments made in their blogs.