Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to Get Chinese Character Tattoos

 Chinese characters have a complex beauty as well as individual meanings. People who get Chinese character tattoos are interested in this. Unfortunately, the other hand, is that there are a lot of Chinese tattoo Mistakes. I have personally seen basic errors such as Chinese characters tattooed backward and meant something other than intended. My goal is to help people explore the beauty and complexity of Chinese character is safe in the knowledge that they are dealing with professionals.

Chinese character tattoos typical error as follows:

    1 Stroke Lost and Poor Script Western tattoo artists always add their own artistic talent, good with English letters, but their script would deface Chinese characters and make them meaningful. Missing Stroke common mistakes and thus make the tattoos mean, and poor handwriting defaces the Chinese characters and Chinese characters tattooed look ugly. Chinese character tattoos mean is embarrassing.

    2 Chinese Characters Being Tattooed Backwards A much more common mistake is that Chinese characters are flipped horizontally or vertically and is thus a mirror image of what it should. I think this might be a problem when people use temporary tattoos or work from them because after a while they may be confused which side is correct. To have Chinese character tattoo on your back too embarrassing.

    3 Chinese mistranslation of China's complex and can easily be mean something other than intended. Get the wrong and the new Chinese character tattoo will be a permanent source of embarrassment to you! A woman has told Chinese character tattoo experience: Having decided to ink tattoos of Chinese characters, he went to a Chinese restaurant and Chinese waiter aside and asked him to write the word "free" in Chinese characters for it, freedom has two meanings in the English dictionary, the first is free and the second sense is the freedom that she had wanted, the waiter write down the meaning of the first in China for women. The woman ended with a "free" in the skin and then it winds up spending U.S. $ 900 to remove a tattoo.

    4 Do not Know The Meaning of Chinese character tattoos I've found many western people who do not know the meaning of those Chinese character tattoos. Tattoo is a way of self expression. if anyone wants to know to ask the meaning of tattoos of Chinese characters, said they either did not know the meaning or form is quite awkward.
5. Choosing Kanji from the tattoo parlor Tattoo parlors present some dozens of Kanji either a wall or in a binder for their customers to choose, most Kanji are either missing or being mistranslated stroke., You will make mistakes right from the beginning that if you choose them Tattoo parlors of. In addition, if you think you can take your dream tattoo that will express who you are from a handful of kanji.

Here is the advice when planning to get a tattoo of Chinese characters:
1. Get a tattoo of Chinese characters right at the first tattoo you will be with you for the rest of your life, make sure you get a tattoo right character at first. Yes, you can delete it later on, but this is very painful and very, very expensive. A $ 100 tattoo "mistake" can cost several thousand dollars to remove.

    2. Do not Take Kanji From the tattoo parlor Many people get what they thought was a Chinese character tattoo only to discover later that the character was taken wrong, or in one case, the mirror image of the character's tattoo. You will make mistakes mentioned above if selecting them from the tattoo parlor.

    3. Do You Own Research Before you run to the tattoo parlor to get one done you should do your own research. Choosing the proper Chinese characters careful study and attention.

    4. Consultation With a lot of Chinese words in English can be translated in several different Chinese characters. Each may have a slightly different meaning in Chinese. Consult with an original Chinese characters just to get to the meaning you REALLY want. Tattoos are forever 

5.Choosing Means said. If you plan to get a tattoo of Chinese characters right away, be sure to choose the correct character and meaningful. It's important to choose something of lasting appeal not something faddish, and it also needs to be a cool design you will love like you love tomorrow today.

    6.Getting They Look Right Western tattoo artists script usually defaces the Chinese characters and make them meaningful. Again, take the time to do some research and find someone good Chinese calligraphers to write your design. Chinese calligraphy is the art of the ancient classics. Brush strokes should have a certain shape. Every part of a character should be in proper relationship with others. Chinese characters can be written in different calligraphic styles.

    7. The lines get a stencil of the tattoo designs Each design has been proposed. A "stencil" fit. This is an exact copy of the tattoo design, but without color or shading - just black lines that make up the work of design. Your tattoo will transfer stencil directly on your skin before starting the tattooing process, so the tattoo ink tattoo desires are exactly the same as the proposed design.

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