Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wesley Sneijder Tattoo Soccer

Outside the gridiron, Wesley Sneijder was the soul of art is quite high. Inter Milan playmaker was one footballer who loves the art of decorating the body with tattoos. Visible from some parts of the body Sneijder is loaded with interesting tattoos. Interestingly, Sneijder did not just love to decorate his body. He began to paint like a tattoo on the bodies of others. One who never felt his body plundered the tattoo needle is Sneijder's close friend, Andrea. Looking at the performance of Wesley Sneijder in Euro 2012 qualifying soccer playing style is extraordinary. Sneijder has a tattoo of an existing collection type tattoos with hand lattering That sweet look. Although only a signature and symbol name, the soul of art of tattooing seems Sneijder already depicted in the arms of his friend. Not only that, his wife Yolanthe Cabau was also affix his signature tattooed right next to the tattoo made ​​by Sneijder. Through his Twitter account, Sneijder was showing off the tattoo of his creation. Seems simple, but the player is quite proud of his work.

Wesley Sneijder (born in Utrecht, The Netherlands, June 9, 1984, age 27 years) is a Dutch midfielder and Real Madrid who plays the body 170 cm. Sneijder had previously played for Real Madrid, Ajax Amsterdam strengthened. The specialty game of bait Sneijder is accurate and often scored from a free kick or kick from outside the box is accurate. Currently, he plays for Italian club Internazionale Milano Sneijder gave a phenomenal performance at Inter Milan, by delivering treble winners Inter Milan won the Serie A, Coppa Italia and UEFA Champions League in 2010. Also led Inter Milan as the Club World Champion. Sneijder also led the Dutch into the World Cup runner-up in 2010, which lost to Spain.

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