Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Mysteries Of The Rosary: Latest Rosary Beads Tattoos Free

Rosary Beads Tattoos – The Mysteries of the Rosary

 Have you ever thought about getting a religious tattoo? Maybe a cross or a bible verse. How about getting Rosary Beads tattooed around your wrist, ankle or neck. I have a cousin who wants to do just that so I decided to find out a little bit more.
 What is the meaning of The Rosary? The Rosary comes from the Latin word rosarium, meaning “rose garden” or “garland of roses”. It is a popular and also a traditional Catholic devotion. The term denotes the prayer beads used to count the series of prayers that make up the rosary. These prayers are said in repeated sequences, and each sequence is called a decade. Meditation on one of the Mysteries of the Rosary, which recall the life of Jesus Christ is accompanied by the praying of each decade.
 Rosary Beads – A five decade rosary has five groups of ten beads (a decade) and then there are additional beads that are larger that come before each decade. The fingers are moved along the beads as the prayers are recited in order to have a physical method to keep track of the number of Hail Marys that is said, and therefore by not having to keep track of the count mentally, the mind is able to meditate more on the mysteries. 
I read about a guy who has four tattoos but that the most meaningful one to him is the Rosary that he has tattooed around his neck, with a crucifix and the words “In God I Trust” resting over his heart. 
Women seem to prefer a rosary tattooed around their ankles and then they obviously love wearing shoes that show it of.Also popular for women is having a rosary tattooed on their shoulder blade which can then be incorporated into their clothing.
 So now that you know a little bit more about the Rosary and if you are still thinking of getting it inked. Just keep in mind that even though they are beautiful they are also a strong symbol of Catholicism and if you are in any way unsure of your religious beliefs or perhaps intend on changing them in the future. A tattoo is hard to have removed so be sure about it!

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