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3 Most Popular Tattoo Designs Such As Tribal Tattoos Design, Dragon Tattoos Design & Old School Tattoos Design

3 Tattoo Designs Such As Tribal,Dragon,Old School

 Tribal  TattoosDesign:
Tribal Tattoos is one of the most popular designs. Tribal Tattoos have been around for many centuries and become more popular today. Most of traditional tribal tattoos is black color and cover the arms and legs. Many of the native and ancient cultures participated in some form of ritualistic tattooing. In the past, Tribal Tattoos were done by hand with a rough tools and inks. It took many years to complete especially for the large design. Today, tribal is very popular type of tattoo for men and women. There are many new tribal designs that adapted from original tribal but make it looks more modern but still keeping the main concept of using strong black color and line work. Moreover, some artist combines the tribal with the old school design such as roses and creates a new contemporary tattoo design concept.
Old School  Tattoos Design:
The old school tattoo design or traditional tattoo design was born in the 20th century and developed by Sailor Jerry who had tattoo shop in Hawaii. They are very popular among the sailors and biker. Even there are many new style of tattoo today, Old school tattoos never quite disappeared from view same with tribal. Old school tattoos are usually simple design, with a lot of black ink and little color because of the lack of color in the early years of tattoo art. However, the old school designs we see today has a lot more color than the past because of the technology. The example of old school are Nautical star tattoos, Naked mermaid tattoos, Cherry tattoos, Pin up girl tattoos, Heart tattoos, Anchor tattoos and Eagle tattoos.

 Dragon Tattoo Design
Dragon design is also another one of the popular tattoos design which comes in many different shapes, styles and sizes. There are many different styles of dragon to choose from such as Japanese dragon, Chinese dragon or Tribal dragon. The most popular dragon style is a Chinese & Asian dragon with its flaming red and gold colors. Dragon tattoo is very popular in male and most males tend to have them cover one side of their chest or the upper region of their arms.

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