Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tattoo Images by Rodney Fletcher

tattoo of a gemini sign

Here is the tattoo of a gemini sign for all of you horoscope fans out their that need to know what your zodiac sign will look like inked up on your body. Some of these are really original and some are what I would expect a Gemini tattoo to look like. Never the less you will be happy with the ideas you come up with by looking at these pictures.

kat von d tattoo art work

Kat Von D Tattoos

You can not say the words Miami Ink and not mention kat von d tattoo art work in the same sentence. This beautiful woman has some of the baddest tattoos in the business of inking  and Miami is her home. Body tats can look really good or can go horribly wrong if they are not well thought out. Lil Wayne has his top portion done up but Kat Von D has gone all the way in with leg tattoos and all.

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