Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tattoo Ideas by Harold Norman

Dennis Rodman Tattoos

Tattoos On Dennis Rodman

Ex NBA Chicago Bull Player Dennis Rodman Tattoos are pretty crispy and people love to see them because he is always making them available. The bull tattoos on his chest are pretty intricate. Dennis even has tribal tattoos on his shoulders and a sun star around his belly button. The shoulder tattoos are pretty confusing but you can make them out and one is a shark.

Amber Rose Tattoos

Rose Tattoos On Amber Rose

The new socialite of Hollywood and girlfriend of Kanye West Amber Rose has an arm tattoo of a very colorful rose on her right side. Amber is usually not wearing much so you can see a lot of skin especially when she wears a string thong bikini. There is a picture of her on the beach where you can see her leg tattoo while she was walking.

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