Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tribute to Micheal Jackson with a Tattoo design

Tribute to Micheal Jackson with a Tattoo design

Whole world was shocked on 25th June when the ‘King of Pop’ was reported dead.

Micheal Jackson was well-known for his many physically complicated dance techniques, such as the robot and the moonwalk.

When you think to give a tribute to Jackson what could be better than his signature moves.

The tattoo pictured is inked by Lokesh Verma of Devilz Tattooz, New Delhi, India. Jackson is seen in his signature ‘anti-gravity lean’, for which he was granted U.S. Patent No. 5,255,452, used in the music video for “Smooth Criminal”. Though, this patent expired on December 20th, 2005 due to failure to pay its maintenance fee.

That’s a separate story! So, guys what are you waiting for grab something more like Micheal Jackson and ink it to give a tribute to the ‘King of The Pop’.

Tribute to Micheal Jackson with a Tattoo designSensational new tattoo design of the day is one especially designed for all game lovers so all game lovers if you want to ink your body by celebrity characters all celebrity characters inked here are totally new and innovative idea coming across to hit the newest tattoo design trend for today’s stylized look.
Tribute to Micheal Jackson with a Tattoo designI love this shot and these photo synthesis tattoo design watching the explain from the point and they were kneeling so I shot the image of them from ABOVE and you can notice my feet on the left so I just love the position of this. And while examination the show on stage are there were these two girls who were watching on their knees and place of work y I was inviting to and some photo synthesis tattoo design and so I took that occasion to be insufferable behind their backs.
Tribute to Micheal Jackson with a Tattoo designTattoos are not as taboo as they formerly were, but this does not signify that everybody must get one and they are stable and with today divorce rate, you can notice that lasting is not incredible that we be apt to deal with very fine. You can love your tattoo, but in the years to come you may modify your brain.
Tribute to Micheal Jackson with a Tattoo designHere’s a new shot of the new fighting-warriors tattoos design that is being job on and this is sight shows where it is in relative to my other tats. Just got the outline complete will go back for the block in a little later on this month. If this shot seem a bit off, that is since my back is a bit out of strike.

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